Blogging Tips: Take Your Own Stock Images

While most of my photos have been shot outside, I do also like the idea to find things and scenes in my own apartment. It’s not just finding things, it’s also about experimenting with the gear that I have available. It’s an interesting activity if you are too tired to go outside, but if you still want to do photography. And as a blogger, it’s also a good way to create my own stock images. I have tons of photos that might not fit today, but I might write about subjects in the future where the photos would fit. Today I shot this photo of my wallet and a Euro coin…

One Euro Coin

This is a photo that would fit to all kind of blog subjects. It could be used in financial posts, it could be used in shopping related posts, maybe even political posts and more. I have many photos that could be very useful in the future. Really, like photos of screwdrivers, photos of rulers or pens and papers, and PC keyboards. You maybe get my point, these are fairly simple ideas but those photos can be very useful for bloggers. And here is the fun, you don’t even need a professional camera. Here is one that I shot with a smartphone camera back then for this post


7 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: Take Your Own Stock Images

    1. Thank you. There have been cases where I looked for public domain images, because I didn’t have my own… but generally, yes, the very big majority of my posts contain my own stock images. It’s fun creating them, and it’s also fun to know that everything within an article is created by myself… the text and the photos. 🙂

  1. I take lots of pictures inside, first because all winter, it’s too cold, snowy, and icy to go out. But also, this is an interesting house. I collect things and I have dogs, so there’s always something to shoot. Shooting around the house keeps me from getting stale through the long, cold winter.

    1. I like taking these pictures because at some point they might fit to future blogposts 🙂 I have a huge arsenal of my own stockimages 🙂

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