Black And White Kitty Photo

I’ve been silent for the past two weeks. I had a lot of other things going on in life and weather got better again too. We had the first spring days, and I like it when you can feel the first warm sunbeams in your neck after the winter. I did a lot of things together with my friends during the first warm days. It felt great to take a break from blogging. I wouldn’t say that I am back with new ideas, but I continue to do what I always have done. I show you a picture and share some words. While I had my camera with me when I was outside the last days, I didn’t really find anything that I wanted to photograph. That happens too. So, I will show you a photo from my library. Another photo of my cat Shyna


5 thoughts on “Black And White Kitty Photo

    1. Sometimes she is 🙂 Thanks! I think I was a bit burned out by the winter… always at home, always dark. So, spring is a nice time to leave the PC alone and go outside 🙂

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