WordPress Spell Checker No Longer Maintained

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Today when I wrote a new post, I couldn’t find the spell checker button anymore. This made me wonder. Is this a new attempt at wordpress.com to get us to use Gutenberg? But this thought was a bit hasty, because when I disabled the classic editor script, I realized there is also no spell check button in the Gutenberg editor. Then I asked Google and found a forum post about the disappeared spell checker button. The answer of the support is…

…the feature we were using for spell checking is no longer being maintained, so we’ve removed it from our editor. For what it’s worth though, most modern browsers and operating systems now include their own spell checkers, so you can use those if you’d like.

I think everyone is aware of different spell check options, but let’s be honest… this is a feature that should definitely be on-board of a blogging platform. Stopping to support this feature really shows how they lost connection to their community. There is no other conclusion except that this is yet again another downgrade we need to live with. I actually preferred it the way that I checked my posts for spell errors after the writing, and not during the writing. So, I might need to get used to the alternative with the spell check of my browser. Anyway, it really shows that wordpress.com is declining fast when it’s about features.


19 thoughts on “WordPress Spell Checker No Longer Maintained

  1. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with one of their development guys yesterday and they DISCOVERED FOR THE FIRST TIME that there are a lot of PROBLEMS with the Reader.


    Does anyone there actually USE the software? Write anything? I wrote a post about it yesterday titled “ANYWAY, ANYWAY, ANYWAY” which you might find amusing because it’s a recap of my day on the phone with WordPress.

    1. Yeah, as you wrote in your post… it would make sense if they would let people beta test features. And not newbies, but die-hard and old-established core bloggers like us.

    1. This looks similar to the old spell check of wordpress… I think I will give this extension a try! Thanks for the suggestion!

        1. Gave this a try for some weeks now and you are right… it works nicely. But the login popup is pretty annoying. But still, the tool is very useful.

        2. Definitely. I still don’t understand what’s going on there at WordPress HQ. It was a ridiculous move of them. But like you said, these third-party add-ons are better than nothing.

    1. Definitely. It’s incomprehensible to me how they stop maintaining this feature without coming up with something better.

  2. I think it shows a lack of interest in the blogging community. Obviously, these people don’t write and don’t consider that spelling and grammar are important. It is true there are other spell checkers we can use, I use the free version of Grammarly, but the point is we shouldn’t have to. I generally proofread as I go but also check for errors before I hit publish. Even then mistakes get through and I want to go back and edit them, something else that Marilyn found that could not be done. I find it very strange because the business bloggers they seem to be chasing would surely want these features too.

    1. Someone else here suggested Grammarly too. I think I will take a look at this.

      I do agree with you. And this is my point too… spell checking has been a standard tool for blogging, and I would never have expected that they would remove THIS tool without coming up with something better.

      Sometimes when I am in the mood to find new blogs via the reader, I realized younger people rather share pictures only without much words. That makes me think the developers take them more serious than us, who often also like to write longer posts.

      Spell check was always used by me, because as you said, it was a way to check for errors and generally… I also learned that I wrote certain English words wrong and so. It probably never brought my posts to perfection since it couldn’t correct all grammar mistakes and since I am not native… but it was definitely helpful over the years when it was about correcting words.

      Yeah, a blogging platform removing a spell check feature, appears to me like a car manufacturer who stops delivering cars with steering wheels. Absolutely incomprehensible .

      1. What they told me is that since Google (Chrome) and pretty much EVERY browser and OS has its own built-in spellchecker — and almost ALL of them use either Grammarly or some other third party spellchecker — they didn’t think it was necessary. I reactivated the Google spellchecker which had gone dormant and I’ve been using the free version of Grammarly for a while already along with the spellchecker since it picks up a lot of things the spellchecker missed — that I probably won’t miss it very much anyway. BUT it was very good at picking up typos. I, being Queen of Typos, depended on that. So. They haven’t promised to put it back but they don’t see know that it is necessary. I think they may have a point, but they certainly might consider TELLING us about these plans. You know. A little newsletter explaining changes and what you can do now to replace them.

        Grammarly has a lot of levels. Their “paid” version is only for those who write professionally and I don’t like it. It tries to make everyone sound the same, so the free one works better for me. And they have a number of different versions of it that can/do work together. I still like the built-in one as a final check before publishing, especially for typos.

        1. I am going to try Grammarly during the weekend or with my next post. I think making us of external tools makes sense anyway since Automattic does change things way too often now. They have become unpredictable.

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