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World of Warcraft Classic Release Date Revealed

world of warcraft official classic server launch date

Good news for everyone waiting to experience World of Warcraft classic again. The official World of Warcraft classic servers will go live on August 27 according to an official Blizzard tweet. So, if you are waiting to get back to the one and only real World of Warcraft experience, be prepared to have lots of fun again very soon. Check out the official tweet where they confirmed the date, and also check out their blogpost where you can find more details



    • I guess you are right. Temptation is big to check out beta. xD I am not sure what to do, imo I think it’s better to wait until August. But I am currently a bit burned out by beta testing stuff. I don’t want to level twice. But still… temptation is there xD

        • Yeah, I think so. Streamers will most likely get invited. If you have an active subscription, then go for it and sign up. I am not active right now and won’t bet on a beta invite for me, since I wouldn’t know what to do with an active subscription if I don’t get invited. I don’t play the modern WoW anymore. So, I think I will wait until August.

  1. Thanks, Dennis for the information. I would love to be a beta tester, never having done that, but since I’ve not had a subscription for at least two years I suspect I won’t get invited to the party. The other day I was looking back at the past game, as it has been played recently, and thinking how few people were actually in the ‘base game’ running the old quests, exploring…and then I understood. They were all strutting about in their lvl 80 and 90 gear, in the newer sections, with the newer quests. No one ever got in my way on old quests, and there was never anyone to talk to, or join forces with (and no real need).

    I’ll wait until August. Gonna be a busy summer here anyway, so maybe it’s just as well.

    • Same here. I have no active subscription since quite a while and probably wouldn’t get invited even if I activate now. So, I do the same like you, waiting until August. I am not even sure if I do so in August… it’s a time where I am more outside than inside. But the temptation will probably big to play classic WoW 🙂

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