World of Warcraft Classic Release Date Revealed

world of warcraft official classic server launch date

Good news for everyone waiting to experience World of Warcraft classic again. The official World of Warcraft classic servers will go live on August 27 according to an official Blizzard tweet. So, if you are waiting to get back to the one and only real World of Warcraft experience, be prepared to have lots of fun again very soon. Check out the official tweet where they confirmed the date, and also check out their blogpost where you can find more details

15 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Classic Release Date Revealed

    1. I guess you are right. Temptation is big to check out beta. xD I am not sure what to do, imo I think it’s better to wait until August. But I am currently a bit burned out by beta testing stuff. I don’t want to level twice. But still… temptation is there xD

      1. I’m betting all of the big streamers will get in for free advertising. I might sign up for beta, not sure.

        1. Yeah, I think so. Streamers will most likely get invited. If you have an active subscription, then go for it and sign up. I am not active right now and won’t bet on a beta invite for me, since I wouldn’t know what to do with an active subscription if I don’t get invited. I don’t play the modern WoW anymore. So, I think I will wait until August.

  1. Thanks, Dennis for the information. I would love to be a beta tester, never having done that, but since I’ve not had a subscription for at least two years I suspect I won’t get invited to the party. The other day I was looking back at the past game, as it has been played recently, and thinking how few people were actually in the ‘base game’ running the old quests, exploring…and then I understood. They were all strutting about in their lvl 80 and 90 gear, in the newer sections, with the newer quests. No one ever got in my way on old quests, and there was never anyone to talk to, or join forces with (and no real need).

    I’ll wait until August. Gonna be a busy summer here anyway, so maybe it’s just as well.

    1. Same here. I have no active subscription since quite a while and probably wouldn’t get invited even if I activate now. So, I do the same like you, waiting until August. I am not even sure if I do so in August… it’s a time where I am more outside than inside. But the temptation will probably big to play classic WoW 🙂

  2. Dennis, I have a question: I am now ready to join WoW classic, but when I click on the pages I am confronted with choices. Which one is the ‘new’ classic WoW? I don’t want to find myself downloading the very game I left over a year ago…there seem to be two or more showing, and it isn’t really clear which is the new one. Can you help? I waited past the ‘start up’ date, since it seemed madness to join 10K other players all vying for the same chairs…

    1. When you open the official Blizzard client, and when you click on World of Warcraft in the client, there is a blue play button… usually, it’s there to start the modern retail version. But… on top of this big blue button is a drop-down menu that says “version”. When you click there, you can choose “World of Warcraft Classic”. It even remembers your choice for the next time you start the client. Of course, it might want you to wait until Classic is downloaded but it’s not big, just around 6GB. After that you should be able to play that version by clicking the blue play button 🙂

      And yes, you’ve been right. The start phase was insane. I and my friends sat for over 7 hours in the queue with over 24k people in front of us 😀 But we’ve been patient, I cooked and did household chores… I went jogging, took a shower and went shopping… in the evening I could join. Pretty insane the first days 😀

  3. appreciated, Dennis. I’ve seen the mobs in Wow before and they are dreadful. Every 15 year old boy wants to be in the same spot. I’ll try this, and thank you.

  4. good god what a nightmare. I got the subscription on my bank card. The blizzard ”support manr” then emailed me and told me my card was a prepaid card (noooo) and Blizzard does not accept prepaid cards. Yes, strange. So I just lost it. I went back in and canceled the bank card one month subscription, then I told the support man that I was done with the whole business. maybe in a month or two. But not now. I’ve wasted an entire day and havent even seen the game at all.

    1. Oh, that doesn’t sound like fun at all. I wonder why they don’t do this… Maybe they don’t accept prepaid as it is a subscription and I guess some people didn’t cancel their subscriptions and had empty prepaid credit cards in the second month. I’d understand it but it sad because…

      You know, it always hits us fair customers when other idiotic customers screw things up for us. I am pretty sure prepaid card were allowed in the past.

  5. I have never heard of a debit card being called a ‘prepaid” card before, it’s a bank card and I’ve used it there for as long as I’ve played Wow. I think the support person was seeing the wrong things at the wrong time. I just cleaned out everything, and in a few weeks or months I’ll go in and try again. I found the directions they gave me to navigate worthless, and a bit condescending. I KNOW how to play, I just can’t get to the right screens. Maybe when the frenzy stops, I’ll try again.

    1. Oh, I thought you were talking about prepaid credit cards. Sorry. Then I don’t know what the problem was.

      Customer support is always corporate speech and meaningless directions as you said… it’s like saying “Take these links and read them, and stop annoying us”. The guides companies write, are usually completely unrelated to the customer problems.

      By the way, the first days one of my friends couldn’t pay either because the site was absolutely hammered (by people trying to pay classic and play too). Not sure if this is related to your problem, but he eventually managed to pay two days ago. It seems like there was massive traffic on the payment page, which put the whole thing down.

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