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Kitty Villain


The image above was edited to the point that it doesn’t have a lot in common anymore with the original. When I saw the image in my library, I was pretty unhappy and almost wanted to delete it because the colors were dull. As I often preach on my blog, I like to find out what I can do with images that are not of best quality. This can be about all kind of problems, like overblown highlights, dull colors, bad cropping and what not. If you have nothing to lose, you can try all kind of tricks and effects out. I am not always going for photorealism, which means I also like to go nuts and give the image a more digital, painted, or artificial look. This can include stronger colors, higher contrasts, detail extraction and even funny ideas like adding artificial lens blur or vignette effects. Or changing the colors of the eyes, to make things look more surreal or changing the overall toning of the image to give it a very digital look. That are some things I’ve done with the image, otherwise it would have been a throw-away photo anyway. But I think I converted the image from bad to decent. You can find more images of my cat on my blog.



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