Sleepy Cat

I don’t have much time anymore because I meet a friend in voice chat the next minutes, but I wanted to push the photo above out to my blog. I tried to get a close-up photo of my cat with the 40mm macro lens I am using. The paw turned out to be a bit too distracting in the photo, and I hoped the paw would be less blatant. When I saw Shyna sleepy and surrounding her eye with her paw, I thought this would be a nice photo. I like how it is framed, but I really hoped there … Continue reading Sleepy Cat

Good Night

Tired cats do always find a place to sleep. I thought I show you a photo of my cat Shyna again. I pretty much liked the colored version, but in black and white it worked even better. I decided to convert the photo to black and white because due to the closed red curtain in my living room, there was a heavy reddish tone in the photo. It was not too bad, but black and white definitely worked better here in my opinion. That’s usually how I edit photos, I look at the pros and cons, and then I make … Continue reading Good Night

Comfortable Living

Above is a snapshot of my cat Shyna that I took yesterday with my Samsung Galaxy tablet. We both were relaxing on the couch and I watched YouTube videos on my TV while Shyna was slowly falling asleep. Here is a question for those with cats. Have you noticed this too? Does the purring sound make you very relaxed and sometimes very tired too? If I listen long enough to the purring of Shyna, I fall asleep too. I believe there is something about this frequency that makes me very tired. Have you noticed the same too? Continue reading Comfortable Living

Black And White Cat

Above is a photo of my cat Shyna again. The original image had a couple of issues, and I disliked the colors in the photo. That’s when I often try out black and white filters. In this case it’s a mix of black and white, and a tiny bit of serpia. She does look a bit grumpy in the photo, does she? I can’t remember, but maybe she was tired or I shot so many photos that she found it annoying (laugh). Continue reading Black And White Cat