Yawning Cat

It’s that time again, I have to push one of Shyna’s photos in front of your eyes again. In this photo she is yawning, I am always happy when I can freeze the time with my camera when she is doing this. She is probably my most photographed subject, I like to take photos of her and can’t stop that. I have already a huge library filled with photos of her. But I guess every person owned by a cat does this. Probably every person owned by a pet in general. Continue reading Yawning Cat

Shyna Portrait

Today I shot a photo of my cat Shyna with my Tamron 70-300 lens. It’s usually the lens that I use when I try to take photos of birds outside, but I noticed several times that it also can be very well used to take portraits. My cat did sleep in her small basket and I thought it would make a great photo, but she noticed it and woke up, but I like the photo anyway. I applied one of the filters in Analog Efex Pro 2, you can get it bundled with other cool preset tools if you download … Continue reading Shyna Portrait

I’m Watching You

Here is yet again a photo of my cat Shyna, because there are not enough photos of her on my blog, and of course I’m kidding. The photo is not of greatest quality, but I like the scene a lot. My cat has always an eye on me, she takes care about me. Because I know that, I thought I would take a look behind one of my curtains, but the fur monster did already expect that. I had to laugh when a friend once said he would feel like being observed, while my cat sat in the corner and … Continue reading I’m Watching You

Another Beautiful Tiger

When I was in Reinfeld, I often saw cats outside, and sometimes I had my camera with me to take a photo, especially when I was hiking. As I mentioned often, I like to upload many photos of my own cat Shyna, but I am also very happy when I can expand the category with other cat photos. So, I am glad that the cat in the photo above crossed my path a few months ago when I was hiking, it’s a beautiful orange cat. I hope you like the photo too, and it’s promised that I will upload more … Continue reading Another Beautiful Tiger

Black Cat

At the moment we have just rainy days most of the time, but last week we had some good days. I was hiking last week when I noticed this black cat on the other side of the street, and I shot a photo. I mainly have photos of my cat Shyna in my cat photo category on this blog, and I am always happy if I can take photos of other cats at times. The black cat in my photo looks almost a bit grumpy, maybe the cat didn’t like that I was stalking with the camera. Anyway, I like … Continue reading Black Cat

Contact With The Outside

So, here is a world premiere, but more about this if you read on. Apart from transport boxes or windows in my apartment, my cat didn’t know the outside as she always has been a house cat. But now that I am at my uncle’s house for a while again, and due to the fact that there is a terrace, I wanted to show her the outside. Today was a sunny day, there was boredom, and I thought I do her something good and I showed her the terrace. I always planned something like this, if it wouldn’t have happened … Continue reading Contact With The Outside