Shyna And My Uncles Family

The above shot was taken during the time I was living in my uncle’s house to help him. My cat Shyna needed a lot of time to get used to the temporary new home, but at some point she started to explore all the rooms, but she enjoyed it the most if nobody apart from us both were there. This changed later on, she started to explore the rooms even if people have been there, but she never seemed to enjoy it as much as if none of the other family members have been there. I can tell you that … Continue reading Shyna And My Uncles Family

Shyna Gets Her Favorite Cat Treats

If you missed her already, here is a new photo of my cat Shyna, or let’s say a new post with a photo of her. I took the photo a few months ago when I got my D7100 and when I was practicing with the camera, but checking my folders I thought the photo would be worth to share. In the photo you see me put one of her favorite cat treats in her mouth. Continue reading Shyna Gets Her Favorite Cat Treats

Beautiful Outdoor Cat

I promised that I would start to take pictures of other cats and not only pictures of my own cat. Today I was walking outside to take some new pictures, and then a very beautiful cat crossed my path, you see the cat in the two picture gallery above. If I would know the owner and he or she would say “I don’t want this cat anymore”, I’d take this cat right away to give it a new home, and Shyna a new friend. Yes, all cats are beautiful, but each cat does also have different features that make them … Continue reading Beautiful Outdoor Cat

A Cat I Saw In The Gardens

I was wandering along the trails where all the garden are to find new photo subjects. Then I saw a bicolor cat in one of the gardens. This bicolored cat was not really shy, came through the garden fence and stopped in front of me to say hello. The cat was also pretty chatty and it was cute to hear all the miaou. The cat might have noticed the smell of Shyna on my clothes, who knows. It’s also interesting that it was a black and white cat as well. I have some more photos… Continue reading A Cat I Saw In The Gardens

Yawning Cat

I thought to do a photo shooting with Shyna again. I was outside with the camera the whole weekend and it is sunday and shooting photos at home was now the more practical idea. I didn’t expect anything special while shooting photos with my cat, but then I saw her yawning and as the camera was set for fast shutter speed I had some luck to capture the moment. Well, I learned already, photography is often more about coincidences as in this case. There are some things I am unhappy with, the highlights due to the sun shining through the … Continue reading Yawning Cat