Yawning Cat

yawning cat

I thought to do a photo shooting with Shyna again. I was outside with the camera the whole weekend and it is sunday and shooting photos at home was now the more practical idea.

I didn’t expect anything special while shooting photos with my cat, but then I saw her yawning and as the camera was set for fast shutter speed I had some luck to capture the moment. Well, I learned already, photography is often more about coincidences as in this case.

There are some things I am unhappy with, the highlights due to the sun shining through the windows behind her, I am not sure if I framed her right, and I dislike to have the vases and plants in the background. But anyway, I had to be fast to capture the moment, for that it is a great image I think.

Now lets play the dentist, I think everything looks ok but I see some discolorations on the top right side seen from out perspective, and it looks as if she lost a molar there but I am not sure. It’s not a long time ago when I brought her to the vet to remove dental calculus, they would have noticed any problems.


3 thoughts on “Yawning Cat

    1. Just tired, she’s not that wild, unless a dog is in the room 😀 We tried this once with the dog of my mother, but it was not a good idea, my cat flipped completely out and looked wild like on the photo here, and she hissed too. Fortunately the dog of my mother was close to the next room and we could immediately close the door to separate them otherwise Shyna would have attacked the dog of my mother.

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