Feed The Cat

feed the cat

Here is an old photo of my cat from 2014. I fed my cat and took the photo with a point-and-shoot camera. Sadly the image was pretty blurry, but it was less apparent with different black and white presets, which is why I decided to use one. It’s not one of the greatest photos, but I also don’t like to delete my cat photos as these are memories too. But you definitely can find better photos of Shyna on my blog.

3 thoughts on “Feed The Cat

  1. Shyna is such a pretty tuxedo kitty that no matter how sharp the image, Shyna looks beautiful! I’d save the photos, too, even though it isn’t of your preferred and usual high standard!

    1. Yes, you really can’t go wrong with cats… they look always good 🙂 And with some tricks, we can make unsharp images look fine. 🙂

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