Groovy Vintage V100 Lemon Drop Jam

Lemon Drop guitar

Today in the morning I was busy recording some ideas with my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop guitar. I recorded chords to use them as a backing track like I always do. After that, I recorded the solo part with the same guitar. I finished it by adding drum sounds with the free DrumMic’a plugin and midi files and then I did the mastering. Of course, I also recorded myself while playing the guitar so that I have new material for my YouTube channel. I am pretty lazy when it’s about video editing, I really dislike that part. But I want to do some things for my channel once in a while. It’s especially a great way to keep ideas. The track I recorded today turned out to be pretty groovy, except that I messed the ending of the guitar solo a little bit up. Anyway, I believe the track is still very listenable. You can find the video below. What do you think about this track? Do you like it?


5 thoughts on “Groovy Vintage V100 Lemon Drop Jam

  1. Lovely work dennis. Think you dialed in the reverb/room particularly well. Especially when the drums come in. Very convincing. Great groove with tasteful playing and lots of space

    1. Thank you. This time I used the reverb and room in the master channel and not individually on the instrument tracks as I did in the past. I got the idea because I thought it would make the track sound more consistent because usually, I used different reverb and room settings on each channel. I think having it in the master channel definitely makes it sound more convincing. But I still have reverb in the AmpSim enabled as well because they emulate some reverb stompboxes pretty well in AmpliTube, but I used very low settings.

      I am glad you like the groove. Couldn’t sleep and woke up at 4 am, grabbed the guitar and wasn’t sure if I could get productive. But I like the result of it. Maybe it’s not too bad to fall out of the bed 😀 I was just annoyed about the bad ending… messed it up at the end because I slipped off the string and didn’t know how to improvise the ending. But I still like the overall track too.

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