Short Guitar Riff Idea With The V100 Lemon Drop

Today I grabbed my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop guitar early in the morning because I was in the mood to try some things out. And it didn’t take a long time until I got some ideas. I came up with a short riff and wanted to record it so that I don’t forget it. It was fingerpicking of the E and A string, with some power chords and I think it is pretty rythmic. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Short Guitar Riff Idea With The V100 Lemon Drop

    1. Yep, Wilkinson humbuckers. I think I used the middle position in this video but had the bridge dialed in more. I like all three positions. Love the guitar but the neck feels a bit cheap due to the fact that it’s super thin or flat neck compared to my other guitars. Only thing I regret is that I didn’t get the non-reliced version. The aging or relicing looks ok at the top, but horrible at the back. Would have preferred the guitar without aging but well, nobody sees the back xD Here is how the body looks like…

      I have more photos in this post:

        1. Generally, I like relics too. But it’s a question of how authentic it looks. The top is beauty, I agree. But it doesn’t look very authentic on the back. The perimeter of the damaged lacquer at the back and neck is too straight. It looks like just painted on it, not like real lacquer damage. They should have done the perimeter transition better, for example on a way that the lacquer fades, or that it is more rough, not so straight like they’ve done it. As it is, the faked lacquer damage behind the neck and behind the body look more like tattoos lol. Unsharp photograph, but you can see what I mean here…

          I tried sandpaper at a small spot to find out if I can make the perimeter look more rough, faded and authentic.But I didn’t have the balls to go on with the idea because I thought I could make it look worse.

          Anyway, apart from this problem, I really love the guitar. By the way… these guitars are manufactured in China as well. I am happy with the hardware, but I’ve heard you can get even more out of it with upgraded capacitors. Maybe I let a guitar tech do this some day.

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