A Stray Cat In The Garden

Today I attempted to take a photo of a black cat that sat there on a small path in the gardens. But this cat didn’t give me much time to take photos and disappeared in the hedge. There was a woman in one of the gardens and saw my attempt. I wondered if it would be her cat and I said: “I tried to get a photo, this cat is pretty shy”. She replied that this is true and that it’s not her cat. She mentioned that this is a stray cat but it comes for a visit once in a while. The woman mentioned that she always provides a water bowl and a food bowl and since then they became friends. She said, “Some people here fire at the stray cats with pellet guns, I give them food and water” and I said she’s doing the right thing. I continued on my path and after a minute I saw the black cat again, this time in an empty and overgrown garden plot and now I could take a decent photo…

stray cat


6 thoughts on “A Stray Cat In The Garden

    1. Yes, it’s horrible. I can’t comprehend how someone can be so cruel. I am glad that this woman is different and helps stray cats with food and water.

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