Farmer’s Cat

This photo was shot in May 2016 when I was in Reinfeld. I saw this cat on a farm, which is why I thought it belonged to a farmer. I guess you will agree with me when I say the cat looks battle-scarred. It’s a dirty cat and it has open wounds. Maybe it got into fights with other cats or animals like foxes. Maybe it got infections too but one thing is sure, it appeared sick-looking. Continue reading Farmer’s Cat


Here is a random photo of a person doing his fitness regime on a bike. I saw many cyclists during my time in Reinfeld. No wonder, it’s a nice place with beautiful nature and great for many outdoor activities. As I mentioned in the past, it’s a bit difficult to do people photography in Germany but sometimes I take people’s photos anyway, mostly in a way that I don’t invade their privacy. That does mean I don’t take photos of their faces unless they give me permission. Exceptions are also if I photograph public places and people are in the … Continue reading Cyclist

Black And White Cat Photo

Here is a photo of my cat Shyna. The highlights were overblown and the colors not respectable in my opinion. So, generally, the image was bad but I didn’t want to delete it as I knew it might look better in black and white. I preach this very often, when I am unhappy with the colors, I convert my images to black and white right away. It makes photos with boring colors look really good, that’s at least my opinion. And apart from that, I like black and white photos anyway. Continue reading Black And White Cat Photo

Tooth and Nail

Weeks ago when I walked through the garden area, I saw this tabby cat on top of a fence. It chewed on a nail. I question that this is good but hey, what can you do, it’s a stray cat. I converted the image to black and white as there was a very distracting shadow. The shadow is still there in black and white but a lot less distracting as I have chosen a rather light black and white variant. Generally, the photo just worked and looked a lot better in black and white. Continue reading Tooth and Nail

Undercover Kitty Again

Remember my post with the title Undercover Kitty? Weeks later, I might have found the same cat again and shot many photos. I am not 100% sure but it could be the same cat or it’s the same litter. If it’s the same cat, this time it might have recognized me and it wasn’t afraid of me. I shot several photos and at the top, you see one of them. I will upload more photos in the future. Continue reading Undercover Kitty Again