Tooth and Nail

beautiful tabby cat photo

Weeks ago when I walked through the garden area, I saw this tabby cat on top of a fence. It chewed on a nail. I question that this is good but hey, what can you do, it’s a stray cat. I converted the image to black and white as there was a very distracting shadow. The shadow is still there in black and white but a lot less distracting as I have chosen a rather light black and white variant. Generally, the photo just worked and looked a lot better in black and white.

12 thoughts on “Tooth and Nail

    1. Exactly. It did hurt my own teeth when I watched this. I’ve never seen my own cat doing something like this. I wondered if that particular cat had mental health problems. Or maybe it had even toothache and wanted to get rid of the tooth. Who knows.

      1. Oh my my you really are good at taking pictures. I’d have to say that I like the ones with your cats the best. It seems as though you catch different facial expressions and attitude variations each one.

        1. Cat photography is very interesting and you named it, they have so many different facial expressions that I never get tired of taking cat photos. I personally just have one cat, her name is Shyna:

          All other cats I photographed are either feral cats or outdoor cats of other people 🙂 But I love them all. As you said, they’re photogenic with so many expressions 🙂

        2. Well Shyna is a beauty in her own rights as well as the other cats too so I don’t blame you for loving them so much that you capture their moods in photos.

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