How to Hide the UI in PUBG

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In many games, you have the possibility to hide the user interface (UI) and there are reasons why some players want to do that. One of the reasons, for example, might be that they want to take beautiful screenshots without the distracting user interface. That’s for example what I often have to do as a blogger when I write about games because screenshots look simply better without UI. So, if you came here to look for the answer if you can disable the user interface in PUBG as well, it is a clear yes! In this short guide, you will learn how to disable the UI in PUBG…

How to Hide the UI in PUBG

Hiding the UI in PUBG is quite simple. If you’re already past the menu, I mean directly in a match, you simply need to press a combination of keys on your keyboard. In the case of PUBG, you can disable the UI by pressing Ctrl + U. If you’re done with taking screenshots and if you want the UI back, you simply press Ctrl + U again. That’s pretty simple.

EDIT: There must have been a change. The UI can now be disabled with ALT + 1. To enable the UI again, you press ALT + 1 a second time.

Last Words

I hope this short guide helped you. You can help me too by sharing the article with your network on social media. If you want to add information or if you feel chatty and want to tell me the reason why you needed to hide the user interface in PUBG, you can drop a comment below. Have fun in PUBG!


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