Old Cat Photo

tired cat

Here is an old snapshot of my cat that I took back then with a potato camera of a very old smartphone. The light conditions haven’t been great and those old cameras couldn’t deal well in these situations. But as photography is also about memories, I really didn’t want to delete the photo. So, it gets a place on my blog too so that I have it stored online as well.

9 thoughts on “Old Cat Photo

        1. I’ve scanned many of my old analog photos so I can post the digital versions on my blog, Facebook, and in emails to the old friends who appear in the photos but no longer have their analog versions. The ones taken in Germany and France when I was in the US Army, stationed in Kaiserslautern as a motion picture photographer were especially happy digitized for sharing with my old friends!

        2. It’s a handier way to keep them, of course, unless you are a better scrapbook/ photo album keeper than I am. Mine were in boxes, unorganized. It was fun coming acxross old favorites and photos of things like the time I visited a friend in Hunawihr in Alsace in time to help with the annual vintage (and to photograph it!)

    1. Yes, for the hobby photographer it’s perfect… although, I still store high-res images on my hard drives as well. Especially those shot with a DSLR. The smartphone shots are usually deleted from my drive as soon as I uploaded them.

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