Another Picture of my Cat

picture of shyna

Here is just another photo of my cat Shyna. I also use my blog to store photos but with smaller resolution for faster page loading time. But even if the photos are not high-res, in case all my backups disappear (broken hard drive or whatever), I’d rather have these pictures in small resolution than not having any of them at all. But as I am perfectionist, I do of course have different backups of the high-res versions as well. But still, a blog is a great place too to store the resized versions.

7 thoughts on “Another Picture of my Cat

  1. 🙂 Purchase a new external hard drive and transfer your pictures on it.

    Old hard drives will not last forever.

    And, I have to admit, that Shyna is a highly photogenic cat.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Dennis.

    1. For now, I have two internal hard drives and a copy of my photo folders is stored on the second one in case the first one breaks. I think it’s ok because I don’t think both will break at the same time. But you’re still right… having an external drive for backup is another way to be sure of getting no loss. 🙂

      Yes, Shyna always looks good 🙂 Enjoy your day too Renard 🙂

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