Gimme Da Treat

Gimme Da Treat

I think the photo at the top is self-explaining. But since most of my photo posts have some kind of explanation, let’s do it here too. I had cat treats in my hand and my Shyna couldn’t wait any longer and wanted them now. I converted the photo to black and white as the colors of the original were ok but not great.

12 thoughts on “Gimme Da Treat

  1. Hey Dennis— bought AFFINITY photo for my new ipad pro the other day. Similar to photoshop perhaps. Opened it up today to have a look….beyond complex — like being given the flight controls of the space shuttle. Will check out the tutorials and report back!

    1. I heard good things about AFFINITY photo. Long-term I will probably go this route too as I prefer one-time purchases over subscription models.

      Take your time with it. I personally like complex tools. It’s just confusing at the beginning but later you will notice how creative you can get with complex tools 🙂

      1. I like having complexity beneath a simple surface! I’m looking forward to have a go with it but I have no photography aspirations at all. I also got affinity designer which looks fantastic but again it’s a serious piece of software. It’s quite amazing what the big iPad Pro’s can handle. There’s no lag at all dealing w these complex processing tasks

        1. I didn’t have photography aspirations either. I started blogging because I’m a chatterbox. Then I thought I improve my posts with photos… and that’s where aspirations came into play 😀 Later when I started editing, I truly started to enjoy all of it… taking photos, editing them and sharing them. So, it basically happened coincidentally 😀

    1. Yes. Her favorite ones. She goes already nuts when she hears the packaging when I shake it… it’s a distinct sound she always recognizes 🙂

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