Hungry Cat


Two days ago I was bored and experimented with my 40mm macro lens. I thought it would be fun to feed my cat Shyna and get a macro close-up photo of her. It was late in the evening and the lights in my living room aren’t exactly bright. So, I did use some high ISO settings. But the result was a photo with dull colors due to the artificial lighting. When that’s the case, I usually try different black and white settings when I edit my photos. If the colors are already boring, you for sure can get rid of them entirely. Not to mention that black and white photos actually look great, that’s at least my opinion. I hope you like the photo too.

5 thoughts on “Hungry Cat

  1. You can’t do better than take a photo of your beautiful tuxedo kitty Shyna, B+Dennis! Andgtyuh7 (Andy the Persian kitty boy just walked across my keyboard…) And this is a particularly spectaular photo of your beautiful cat!

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