Cat and Guitar

cat and guitar

Here is just a snapshot I took today. I played guitar for three hours in the afternoon and then I did put it on the couch because I needed a break. When I saw my cat near the Telecaster, I grabbed my camera and took a snapshot. Due to the dull artificial living room lighting, I decided to convert the image to black and white and I like this more. I hope you like the image.


13 thoughts on “Cat and Guitar

    1. BW is always my recipe for dull lightning or dull overall colors 😀 I am not sure why, but BW looks always, and I mean really always aesthetic and converts the worst photos to good ones… probably because issues with colors, lighting, sharpness are non-existent in BW. I like BW that much that I often need to keep myself from converting all my images to BW lol.

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