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Evening Stroll

Today in the evening I felt like I needed to take a walk. It was raining a lot in the last weeks but today only for a few hours. So, I thought it might be a chance to get some fresh air. I thought I take some evening photos in the city. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to photograph and I started walking with the mindset “If you don’t find something, you did at least take a walk”. I don’t think that I am good at night photography but you know, I like to experiment and photography is for me, an activity but not a profession.

So, I like to experiment a lot. When I walk through life, I sometimes notice scenes that I personally like. And photography allows us to capture what we’ve seen. When I walked past a restaurant in the city today, I noticed the illumination and liked the ambiance. So, I thought I take a photo. It was shot at 34mm at f/4.2 and 1/50 seconds handheld with the camera manually set to ISO 6400. I used a bit of noise reduction during editing due to the high ISO setting…

restaurant at night


    • Yes, definitely more difficult. I’m still practicing this. It’s a lot more restricting than the usual shots during the day. But definitely fun too.

      • I recently went to St. Augustine. I like to photograph the boats at around sunrise but it was dark and cloudy and I forgot to bring my tripod so I had to use a high ISO. The photos came out okay but most were too grainy to post.

        • Noise reduction works for me in that case but with the downside of making the photo a bit more blurry, of course, depending on how much noise needs to be removed.

          I sometimes take my tripod with me but it makes me feel less spontaneous. That’s my big problem with tripods.

        • I carry a small tripod with the bendable legs. I’m not sure what it is called but you can wrap the legs around something like a fence post or whatever. It’s not as good as a regular tripod but it is easy to carry and it does work.

        • That’s a good idea. I’ve seen these things. I think they’re called GorillaPod’s if they’re from the brand Joby. But I assume other brands build them maybe too.

        • I always thought they’re for smaller cameras with less weight but it seems there are also DSLR version of them. I might look into this in the future because I do like to stay flexible when doing photography and a big tripod definitely kills the fun and flexibility.

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