Old Alley

Here is an older photo that I shot in 2016. But this is a night photograph I shot with a tripod. I know when I want to take night photographs, I should always take my tripod with me but I really don’t like that. Having a tripod with me makes me feel immobile. But one thing is sure, night photos taken with a tripod look a lot better than handheld shots like seen here and here. Continue reading Old Alley

Old Street in the Evening

Here is another photo I shot yesterday in the evening. It was shot handheld and it was so dark that I really had to go over the top with editing. That makes the photo look a bit artificial but I like the scene so much that I thought I upload it anyway. There is also quite a bit of banding and noise visible due to the very high ISO setting. But then again, I like the scene and the photo really shows how some of our old streets in the historic district of L├╝beck look like in the evening or … Continue reading Old Street in the Evening

Darker Nights Might Find The Way Back To World of Warcraft

A user on Reddit noticed something on the PTR testrealm of World of Warcraft. It seems that Blizzard does currently test darker nights in World of Warcraft. Check out the comparison uploaded by the Reddit user. If you a newer to game, dark nights were standard in the old days of World of Warcraft. The game changed from daytime mood to nighttime ambiance back then but Blizzard decided to remove this awesome feature. Most people couldn’t understand that, because the feature really did contribute to the game atmosphere. It’s not clear if the nighttime feature will get a comeback. Blizzard … Continue reading Darker Nights Might Find The Way Back To World of Warcraft