Old Alley

old alley

Here is an older photo that I shot in 2016. But this is a night photograph I shot with a tripod. I know when I want to take night photographs, I should always take my tripod with me but I really don’t like that. Having a tripod with me makes me feel immobile. But one thing is sure, night photos taken with a tripod look a lot better than handheld shots like seen here and here.


8 thoughts on “Old Alley

  1. I agree, hauling a tripod around is not fun. Sometimes a solid object will do the same thing… I recently purchased an aluminum tripod…

    1. Yes, I sometimes use fences or walls to stabilize my camera. Got me some nice handheld shots in the past. I have a Manfrotto aluminum tripod but it’s quite heavy. But it’s still very useful at home, for example when I want to record my guitar videos. I just don’t like to carry it around outside.

  2. Hi Dennis I’m enjoying your series of night street images.

    As a disciplined and intentional photographer, I typically plan my excursions with the camera. I know where I want to go and what I intend to shoot. I learned this skill from the professional photographers who are my friends.

    My camera shoots fairly clean image up to ISO 12,800 so I can usually handhold and still get 1/30 second exposures. But I know from experience when I’ll need a tripod and I bring one along.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like this. I am not a very good night photographer. Still practicing this. I think I am better with other subjects, when it’s bright 😀

      My Nikon D7100 has horrible banding noise at your mentioned ISO settings. But only if there is still much darkness or shadows in the image. I am very good at handholding 1/30 as well. I liked my D7100 a lot over the years but not for high ISO photography. As long as there is ambiance/lightning in the scene, like enough street lamps and stuff, the camera is doing fine… but if there is too much shadows, the horrible banding is visible at high ISO. And then I need to go over the top with noise reduction. It’s bad.

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