Welcome to the Mineral Water Cave

I am always looking for ideas to engage my cat or to show her new things. Like I’ve said many times in my older cat-related blog posts, I do think that especially house cats need some variations in the otherwise boring world inside an apartment. Of course, you will run out of ideas at some point but another time you might get a new one. This is what happened yesterday when I saw all the mineral water bottles I purchased for this month, in my kitchen.

I do currently have 32 bottles and thought it would be funny to build a cave outline with them. I basically did use them as walls or outline of the cave and for the ceiling, I used old bed linen. The entrance is basically like a floor and when my cat went through there, she entered the square cave room. To make it interesting and to reward her for discovering the cave, I placed her food bowl inside with fresh cat food. Of course, I had to document her discovery with a photo…

mineral water cave

I didn’t bulldoze the cave after that because I thought I let her have fun with it for some hours but I removed the food bowl after she ate. Later I saw her lying on the ground in the cave. She seemed very relaxed. Before that, I also played tag with her in the apartment and when it was my turn and I ran after her, she did hide in the bottle shelter.

bottle cave

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