Cats Do Appreciate Your Time

There are many ways to keep your cat busy, but you don’t always have to be too creative, cats do also appreciate it if you just recognize them. I do play often with my cat, but sometimes I do just show her that I am there and that I want to share my time. This can either be done by stroking or combing the cat, mentioning the name regularly to see the reaction, or following the cat when they want to show you something. There are so many ways to pay attention, playing is great but not the only thing … Continue reading Cats Do Appreciate Your Time

Kitty Ping-Pong And Some Thoughts About Teaching Cats

Do you know kitty ping-pong? If not, watch my attached video. My cat loves to play a variant of ping-pong. I roll a ball in her direction and she shoots the ball back to me and sometimes also in other directions. To be honest, I taught her this game. I did roll the ball in front of her paws and waited if she would use her paws to roll it back to me. When this happened, I did give her a reward, one of her favorite cat treats. We did repeat this quite often until she started to understand the … Continue reading Kitty Ping-Pong And Some Thoughts About Teaching Cats