Summer Evening on the Balcony

moms balcony lights

Today I suggested to my mother that we eat together in the evening. I asked her if she would like to make a salad and I would go shopping for croquettes, salsa sauce, and mayonnaise. She agreed with the deal. So, we continued to enjoy the time on her balcony. It was so beautiful during the golden hour before it got dark. There was still the heat, and the colors of the golden hour changed the whole atmosphere in a way that I almost started to doubt that we’re in Germany. A moment after this thought I looked at my phone and started browsing YouTube for appropriate music. I started a one-hour long video with Spanish guitar music and did let it play for a while. A half-hour later I got the idea to look for Colombian music and was satisfied when I found a compilation of the Netflix Narcos Soundtracks (Yeah, I watched the series a while ago and liked it) and Pablo Escobar’s Playlist (LOL). My mother liked the music and agreed that it would create a holiday atmosphere. We listened to both compilations late into the evening and enjoyed our meal…

summer evening with mom

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