Tired Cats

two cats taking a break

It’s just a bad phone snapshot but today I noticed these two cats in our district. Like I said in a previous post, it was pretty hot today and these two cats were basically tired of the heat. I know because I called them but they didn’t care and continued to take a break. In these moments I always regret that I don’t carry my DSLR every single time I leave my apartment. I would have liked to take some close-up photos of them with my 70-300mm lens. But who knows, maybe I spot them again one day because it was close to my home.

3 thoughts on “Tired Cats

    1. Yes. The quality is completely fine. The only reason to carry a DSLR is that you then have a choice with different lenses. DSLR photos are still much higher quality but I could live with less quality because for me it’s more about lenses. If my phone could take 300mm photos, I would probably sell my camera lol.

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