Playing my Acoustic Outside

The last days I went outside several times with my new acoustic guitar. I recorded some bits and bobs, deleted what I didn’t like, and kept the other stuff. Over 20 years ago, I had my first band and there was another guitarist who taught me a song. If I recall correctly, it was actually his song but I can’t be sure about this anymore after so much time. It could also be that I remember it wrong and he taught me a song of a popular artist. I am just sure about one thing, the chord progression sounds so cool that I never really forgot how to play it but it might be that my own style went into it over the years. In the video below I play it and if you think “Nah, bro, that can’t be a song of your old bandmate, I actually know what kind of song it is…”, please tell me! It would be funny if this is actually a song of a popular band because if that is the case, I never heard the song, I just got it taught. But then again, it’s not unlikely that it’s really a song of an old bandmate. Here is the song, we played it a ton back then…

Talking about the editing, I played a little bit with the colors in Adobe Premiere to make it look fancy. The video was recorded with the camera and microphone of my Huawei P20 Lite. I added compression in Ableton Live and I was amazed how good the microphone of my smartphone really is. Of course, the compression in Ableton Live made it even better but I am just saying you can work with the integrated camera and microphone of my smartphone. The only thing I noticed is that wind is a big no-no. I just realized it’s best to play the guitar near a building that protects me from the wind, then the sound in the video will turn out nice. I hope you liked the video!


4 thoughts on “Playing my Acoustic Outside

    1. Thanks! It’s never too late 🙂 I know I am biased 😀 But I can only suggest to learn it… it’s so much fun once you can play your first chords 🙂

  1. You’re completely right, the mic on your phone sounds killer! A touch of compression and you’re golden. I’m listening on the speakers of my ipad pro and it sounds thoroughly respectable. Would like to check with headphones but this is impressive. You seem to have got out of the wind as well. Did you put any noise gate/reduction software on the track? Seems very clean.
    Nice sounding guitar as well….nearly forgot…

    1. Yes, there is an old storage hall in front of me in the video and I hoped it would block most of the wind and it seems it worked. I had some other takes without building nearby and the wind blew in my direction and the video files were useless and I deleted them. So, using buildings as wind protections might be the trick to get ok results with the internal phone mic. 🙂

      I didn’t add a noise gate but I used compression. I was surprised about the clean audio in the video too. Not all my takes were great, it seems to be about my position too. I think like in the video, very close to the phone is good.

      Still like the guitar. Not high-end but it does the job for recording ideas or messing around. Maybe I should get myself a decent mic so that I can record it at home too. 🙂

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