Experimenting with a Chord Progression

Like the other day, you will another video snippet in this post today too. I did cut it from one of my longer videos that I recorded outside recently. I created some abstract effects for the video because you know, I still like to be partially anonymous. The chord progression I played came out of nowhere, it was a spontaneous idea.  Also here, the internal microphone of my camera did a great job to capture the sound of my new western guitar but in this video, it sadly also picked up a little bit of the wind sounds and the sound of a nearby generator or so. Anyway, it’s still decent enough in my opinion. The chord progression is really cool, it’s not a complete idea and just jamming. I also tried a different tempo at the end. Here is the video…


7 thoughts on “Experimenting with a Chord Progression

    1. Due to the wind sound and generator sound, the video has a low-fi vibe. So, I thought the same as you, except for the slide but I agree that would be cool too!

        1. It also seems to be the distance to the smartphone. The closer the better as it seems. Logically, but I mean… really really close is best with the phone mic. I wanted to make the guitar louder with compression during editing but it seems I also made the wind louder.

          Anyway, it’s good enough to just capture some ideas that I might pick up later again. That was the whole idea. I enjoyed the end of summer with the acoustic guitar so far. 🙂

        2. Yeah all about the distance isn’t it. If you had izotopes noise restoration software you could actually remove the wind noises…but in this case it’s not a big deal. Just good to the idea down.

        3. That tool is on my wishlist too. I have an old version of Izotope Ozone, their mastering plugin and I love it. The noise restoration tool is probably equally cool. 🙂

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