Beautiful Flowers

beautiful flowers

I am not sure how these flowers are called, but I know they are beautiful.

Edit: I just found out these are African daisies, also known as Osteospermum white or Osteospermum ecklonis.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Flowers

    1. You’re actually right. I did now start to ask Google image search for white flowers and found out these are some sort of daisies like you said, but African daisies with the name Osteospermum white.

        1. Me neither. But the moment you said it’s some sort of daisy, I knew you’re right because it came to my mind that I uploaded the same flower in pink in the past… and I am pretty sure that someone told me at that time it would be some sort of daisy. With help of Google, I did now find out… no matter what color, the genus is Osteospermum ecklonis.

          I bet we both will forget it in a couple of weeks or months lol. Respect to those who can recall all those flower names, especially in latin. 😀

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