Somewhere in Travemünde


I haven’t posted in a while but I thought I do at least a small photo post today. I shot the photo at the top in Travemünde when we took a walk there. In the image you see a beautiful street with hotels and other businesses. It’s usually much more crowded there but I shot the photo in the evening and during the Covid pandemic.

4 thoughts on “Somewhere in Travemünde

  1. I was watching a YouTube video of Lubeck the other night which was filmed or at least uploaded late last year I think. I was surprised by the number of people on the streets. It is very attractive city. I wish I could see it one day but sadly that is unlikely.

    1. Do you still have the video link? I’d be interested to put that into my playlist too. I always watch one or two documentaries from my playlist before sleep on my TV 🙂

      Just yesterday I talked with a friend about our city. We had the funny theoretical topic of a lottery win again, and we agreed that it would make us discover the world but both also agreed that we’d always come back to Lübeck. My friend said “We don’t live in the most beautiful city, but somehow, it’s my home”. I pointed out that it might be a matter of perspective. Maybe the city is just too common to us, and that’s why we don’t see the beauty anymore. I re-discovered it with photography and I told him that people from other places enjoyed the city photos I uploaded. My friend and I eventually agreed that we have a lot of beautiful corners, but ugly ones too.

      Personally, I really think our city is beautiful. The historic center, the beautiful parks, the waterways, the surrounding areas, the close promimity to the Baltic Sea and more. 🙂

      1. I will find it for you Dennis. I usually watch YouTube on my TV but I will have it in history. I liked it because it was just someone walking not a tourist promotion. It reminded me of you walking about the city taking pictures. We don’t always appreciate the beauty in our own cities until pointed out to us by others. Photographers are a bit different in that way I think.

        1. I like these walking tours on YouTube. At least if the video material is stabilized, otherwise I sadly get motion sickness from watching them. But there are some high quality ones. I remember I found a YouTuber who walks through New York with a stabilized camera… that was fantastic.

          I actually had the same idea in the past and recorded a video while walking through Reinfeld nature and I even talked a little bit in English… at home I got motion sickness from watching my own video lol, and never uploaded it. I think I even deleted it. I think it’s really difficult to do without a camera stabilizer. Not everyone is affected my motion sickness, but I know myself, and a couple of friends who are.

          “We don’t always appreciate the beauty in our own cities until pointed out to us by others.”

          Yep, it’s like that when you live in the same city for so long. But photography is really the way back to that appreciation. 🙂

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