Clean PC Case

Like I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I was building a new PC. I just waited for the memory kit to do the final steps. But I received the kit a couple of days ago and immedietly started to finish the entire build. Something I want to talk about again is that I do absolutely love the PC case I have chosen. It was a dream to build in it and it offered plenty of options for very good cable management. The result can be seen in the photo below. As you can see, there are barely any cables visible…

Meshify C clean case

It’s a mixture of two reasons. First and as said, the case offers good cable management features. Second, I have chosen a semi-modular power supply, meaning that I was able to only attach the cables to the PSU and mainboard that I would really need. So, the combination of both things allow you to do very clean cable management. Back in the days, without modular PSU’s and with cases that were bad for cable management, it looked like in the image below where you see my previous and now cannibalized PC system…

old case poor cable management

As you can see, it makes a huge difference. With that, you will also have much better air flow in the case, and with that much better cooling. I basically fished the new system and I am already using the new PC. I just don’t have all the things that I need installed yet. It’s going to take some time until I have all my favorite tools and so installed.

I am going to share some more photos of the PC, either later or the next days. Some of my components have RGB LED’s. But I have chosen to enable some of them in a very decent way (no rainbow puke). It looks cool when I look through the tempered glass side and see some of the RGB LED’s. I have it all set to blue for now but as said, I am going to upload pictures later.


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