Sailor Figure

Above is a portrait that I shot of a figure that seems to present a sailor. These or similar figures are not very uncommon here at the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Especially near the beaches, you can often find similar figures in front of restaurants, and some are memorials at hidden places. I can’t recall if there was a story related to the figure in my picture, because sometimes there are small signs that tell you what the figure is about. But I think the sailor in my picture was just decoration in front of a restaurant near the … Continue reading Sailor Figure

Beautiful Porcelain Cat

My grandma has this beautiful porcelain cat lying on her heater. I remember my mother had similar porcelain cats in the past. I’d like to have one of these too as decoration for my living room, but as I have a real cat this would probably not remain as one piece forever (laugh). But a white porcelain cat wouldn’t fit to the colors of my furniture anyway because my cupboards are mainly in walnut or to be more exact in mahogany color. It would need to be porcelain cat with darker color. Continue reading Beautiful Porcelain Cat