Orion Nebula And Orion’s Belt

Above you can see a test shot. I randomly shot a photo of the night sky. I don’t like the photo as much as the other one that I uploaded, but it’s still interesting to research about the stars in the image. Someone gave me the tip to upload my night sky photos to Astrometry if I want to know what is in the picture. The site is basically analyzing the image and will show you different tags of the stars, star constellations, planets and so on. Together with the program Stellarium, this is really useful. I am afraid, astrophotography … Continue reading Orion Nebula And Orion’s Belt

Experimental Moon Photo

It’s nighttime and the night sky is cloud-free, the moon visible, and I thought I try to take a picture. I did set up my tripod, the D7100 and my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I activated the 1.3 crop mode of my D7100, then I disabled the vibration reduction mode of the lens as I wanted to use my tripod anyway. Apart from that, I enabled RAW and JPG fine, to see if I can get a little bit more quality out of the RAW file. I did set the camera manually to ISO 100, f/10 and 1/200 of a second. … Continue reading Experimental Moon Photo

Make Impossible Things Possible. Get Far Away Photo Subjects Closer Without Owning A Tele Lens.

Who doesn’t like the moon? I always wanted to take pictures of the moon. I think it would be very well possible with a nice tele lens and my D7100, but since I still only have my 18-105mm Nikon kit lens, it’s hard to do that. However, I tried it anyway and the photo above is the result, but to be honest, I had to edit the photo because here is how far away I would be otherwise… I first wanted to delete the image as I thought “Damn, that is not really interesting, I am so far away”, but … Continue reading Make Impossible Things Possible. Get Far Away Photo Subjects Closer Without Owning A Tele Lens.

Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?

Sometimes there are interesting coincidences. I read an article today in the morning on a bigger german technology related online magazine called Heise. They usually write about that computer and mobile phone kind of technology stuff but the article I read in the morning has been about extraterrestrial life (Another word for alien life) this time. I thought the Heise article was pretty interesting because I like that kind of topic. The article in fact did inspire me so much that I wanted to write about it too but laid the idea back for later because I felt too lazy … Continue reading Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?