Extreme Dove Close-Up

Didn’t see enough bird photos? Here is another one! The doves in the city are usually not really afraid of humans as they are used to them. The dove on the photo came pretty close to me, I zoomed in with the lens and I also cropped the outer area of the image to make the photo appear even more like a close-up shot. I think this is one image that I really like. You can see lots of details in the feathering, I like that pretty much. From distance these doves looks boring due to the grey feathering, but … Continue reading Extreme Dove Close-Up

Bird On The Roof

I started to enjoy taking photos of birds, I guess a tele objective would be a hell of fun. Sometimes I am lucky and the birds are very close, but the 18-105mm lens is not enough if they aren’t. Above you can see one example, I wish I could get closer to the bird no matter if the bird is too far away. Anyway, even if I am not close enough, there is something I like about this image. I did set it to black and white and darkened the image a lot. Continue reading Bird On The Roof

Duck In Motion

The latest WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is about motion. I took several photos of ducks and other birds when I tested my new camera days ago. I think one of the does really fit to the motto of the recent photo challenge. The photo I will show you in this post is my choice because you can clearly see the swimming duck in motion due to the waves in the water behind the duck. I hope you like my entry to the recent photo challenge too. You can also click on the image to see the larger file. Continue reading Duck In Motion