Extreme Dove Close-Up

Dove Close-Up

Didn’t see enough bird photos? Here is another one! The doves in the city are usually not really afraid of humans as they are used to them. The dove on the photo came pretty close to me, I zoomed in with the lens and I also cropped the outer area of the image to make the photo appear even more like a close-up shot.

I think this is one image that I really like. You can see lots of details in the feathering, I like that pretty much. From distance these doves looks boring due to the grey feathering, but they do actually look pretty cool on a close-up photo, because you can see details you otherwise wouldn’t notice. They are actually more beautiful than I thought. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Extreme Dove Close-Up

    1. Thank you Franni. I’m still new to this camera, at the moment I still use program automatic, I set ISO but the camera does set shutter speed and aperture automatically.

      So, I am not sure what aperture but I believe I had the camera set to ISO 200 or so as the day was extremely sunny and bright.

      I am already reading about aperture priority mode in the manual, to get even more creative freedom. But at the moment I still don’t feel confident to set everything on my own 😀

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