Flying Greylag Goose

I found this flying greylag goose (Anser anser) during my walk through the Schellbruch reserve. The goose flew by far away and that was not really a perfect situation for my 18-105mm kit lens. So, I had to crop the images heavily and I also had to bump up the noise reduction in Lightroom to remove pixels and noise, sadly for the cost of sharpness. Anyway, you can get some interesting results with a kit lens and I still would not suggest to skip the kit lens when you purchase a DSLR camera, because for me as a beginner it … Continue reading Flying Greylag Goose

Bird On The Roof

I saw this bird on my hiking tour through our city when I was trying to find interesting things to photograph. You really get more attentive if you go out often with you camera, I just start to notice more little details. I maybe would not have noticed the bird on the roof but I do now check out everything around me more thorough I think. I think this is a common blackbird, doing a break on the roof. I couldn’t get very close to the bird while zooming in, but today I noticed at home that this is again … Continue reading Bird On The Roof

Common Blackbird Photo

It’s some weeks ago when I took the photo you see in this post, I actually thought that I need to delete the image. The photo was bad as I couldn’t zoom in enough to show the bird but today I noticed that the photo was sharp enough even after cropping with Photoshop. The result is that I can now basically show you the photo as if I would have had a tele lens on my camera. I think the bird should be a common blackbird, they have orange beaks and orange rings around the eyes. Continue reading Common Blackbird Photo

No Luck With Flying Birds

The photo above is rather experimental, nothing I am proud about. I try to take photos of flying birds, but I had not much luck. The photo above is one of my earliest attempts to freeze a flying bird on a photo. As you can see, the bird is not in focus and way too blurry. I have some other new photos where I had more luck, I might upload them too. I also do start to understand what I do wrong, and I learned some new things about my camera. Of course I will need fast shutter speed for … Continue reading No Luck With Flying Birds

Beautiful Feral Pigeon

Pigeons like to pose for a photo. Ok, I am kidding, most of them are just not afraid to cross the ways of us humans. That is why they are the ideal model for a photographer trying to master the first DSLR camera. They are not hurried, they give you time to take several photos. I like that. I always thought they look boring, but if you take a look closer with your lens and if you later take a look at the photos, they are actually pretty beautiful in my opinion. In the case of the pigeon in the … Continue reading Beautiful Feral Pigeon