No Luck With Flying Birds

attempt to photograph a flying bird

The photo above is rather experimental, nothing I am proud about. I try to take photos of flying birds, but I had not much luck. The photo above is one of my earliest attempts to freeze a flying bird on a photo. As you can see, the bird is not in focus and way too blurry. I have some other new photos where I had more luck, I might upload them too. I also do start to understand what I do wrong, and I learned some new things about my camera.

Of course I will need fast shutter speed for this job, I recently do experiment with the shutter priority mode. But a much bigger problem was to get flying birds into focus and after reading the manual of my D7100, I started to understand that the AFA mode is not suitable to focus on fast action. You can of course forget manual focussing as well, you won’t be that fast.

I recently try out the AFC mode, it stand for auto focus continues and this mode allows me to adjust the focus automatically and continuously if I press the shutter button halfway down. It works better but I have no great results to show, I have some photos that are better than the one in my post here, but all of them are not satisfying. I think I will learn this. But I think I don’t know enough yet. It might be that I need to understand the auto focus point system as well.

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