A Real Good Game Bundle

Paradox Humble Bundle

I didn’t write about games for a long period now, there was not really much I would find interesting, but now there is something I need to report about. The Humble Bundle site has a real good game bundle for sale now. As always, you decide the price and how much of a split should go to the developer, the Humble Bundle site and the charities (this time they have the charities Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and AbleGamers on board).

Now about the games. I am really a fanboy of the games developed by Paradox Interactive. I played a lot of their games hard, so, I am very biased. The recent bundle is called Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle, which means there are some classics in the bundle and I can really suggest to play them. You will need Steam as I think you will get Steam game keys with the bundle.

If you spend a minimum of $1 and below the average what all others did spend, you can get War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Magicka and some related extra content, Kights of Pen and Paper and Victoria II. It’s worth to spend at least $1 for Victoria II alone to be honest, I did spend over 500 hours in this game when I remember right. It’s grand strategy game playing in the Victorian era as the name says. I don’t want to say that the other games are not worth it, but Victoria II is a real highlight in this bundle.

Now you can also spend a little more, if you spend the average amount of all players (you find that amount on the site), you will get additional games to all others I mentioned. If you spend the average amount (by the time I write this it’s around $4.40 but it’ll change over time), you get the games Impire, Crusader Kings 2 plus some extra content and Hearts of Iron III. Additionally you will get a game that will be revealed later on.

Here again, I played Crusader Kings 2 and Hearts of Iron III hundreds of hours. Crusader Kings 2 is a grand strategy game that played in the time of the crusades as the name suggests. Hearts of Iron III is a grand strategy game that plays in the time of the World War II. I can not tell you how much fun I had with both games, as said I played them of hundreds of hours.

Games like Victoria II, Crusader Kings II and Hearts of Iron III have huge replay value, which means even if I played them already hundreds of hours, I do often reinstall them to play them again and again. I mentioned it earlier, I am very biased, I am a big fan of the grand strategy games of Paradox Interactive.

I wrote about the tier 1 and tier 2 donations now, but there is also a tier 3 donation. If you pay at least $15 for the bundle, you will get all the earlier mentioned games plus Europa Universalis IV inclusive the expansion Conquest of Paradise. Well, that is at the moment my absolute favorite game developed by Paradox Interactive. I think I played it over 1000 hours, I don’t even regret to have lost so many hours in this game.

So, if you get this bundle, be prepared to spend quite a lot of hours in the games. If I suggest games on my blog, I do only suggest games that will entertain you for a long time. Now let me be a little bit funny, you could think that you lose a lot of brain cells if you spend thousands of hours in games, but that is absolutely not true, because you can not image how many hours I did spend to read through history in WikiPedia or on any other sites. Why? Because these games and the eras you play through will make you ask questions, and you will need answers. Thus, you will ask for these information’s after you play sessions.

If you are interested in strategy games, this is a bundle you can not skip. I don’t work for them (laugh), really, you can not skip this bundle of games. Summer is maybe not the right time to spend hours in front of your computer, but get it anyway, it will get you through the next winter or through boring and rainy summer days. Victoria II, Crusader Kings II and Hearts of Irons III are games that will amaze you if you like strategy games. The bundle offer is limited to 13 days, so, hurry up and grab the bundle.

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