Schellbruch Bird Flocks

I did put together a gallery of photos that I shot at the Schellbruch, I noticed many birds showed flocking or swarm behaviour and I want to show you the photos. It was pretty interesting to see all the birds, and to hear them, in flocks they are quite loud, it’s really a nature spectacle and I enjoyed this much. When I was there, I met a nature park ranger who was counting the birds, I am sad that I didn’t ask how he is doing it, but while we talked about other things, he was often looking through his … Continue reading Schellbruch Bird Flocks

One Cormorant

When I hike to the Schellbruch, the cormorants are the easiest to spot. To be honest, it’s easy to find other birds there too, but it’s much easier to take photos of the cormorants because they are big birds, and they sit or fly everywhere in this area. I shot the photo near the Trave River at the Schellbruch, I am not sure what this red thing is, it’s most likely a sign for the mariner or so, there are other signs and cormorants seem to enjoy resting on them. The birds do also make sounds, it’s interesting to listen … Continue reading One Cormorant

Little Cute Bird

I shot the photo of this little cute bird a while ago. This is a sparrow, although I was not sure if it’s a house sparrow or a tree sparrow, I had to research. This is the type of bird that doesn’t cross your path that often although there are many of them in Germany. But they are shy, so little and very well camouflaged, and therefore hard to spot. They are mostly in the trees and only on the lawn to search worms, but you usually don’t get close or they fly away back to the trees. Looks like … Continue reading Little Cute Bird

Beautiful Dove

I shot the photo of this dove a while back. To be honest, I am actually not even sure if it’s a dove, maybe it’s a pigeon, I just know that a dove is exactly the same like a pigeon, and a pigeon exactly the same like a dove, at least here in Germany. For both we have just the name Taube. I assume the bird in the photo is called dove in English, because it’s a white one, I think those that are not white are called pigeon, do I understand this right? Continue reading Beautiful Dove

White Swan With Fledglings

I saw this white swan with the fledglings at the Schellbruch. There were two of them and I think it was the parental couple of the fledglings. The swan that protected the fledglings hissed quite loud and expanded the wings to appear dangerous. You probably know it, it’s not harmless to enter their territory, that’s what people say and I think they are right. I was pretty careful and didn’t show any fast reactions and the swan eventually noticed that I am not a threat and calmed down. There was a footbridge near the swan that you need to use … Continue reading White Swan With Fledglings