White Swan With Fledglings

White Swan with fledglings 1

I saw this white swan with the fledglings at the Schellbruch. There were two of them and I think it was the parental couple of the fledglings. The swan that protected the fledglings hissed quite loud and expanded the wings to appear dangerous. You probably know it, it’s not harmless to enter their territory, that’s what people say and I think they are right.

I was pretty careful and didn’t show any fast reactions and the swan eventually noticed that I am not a threat and calmed down. There was a footbridge near the swan that you need to use if you want to go further east, I slowly approached that bridge and shot some pictures from there. I attached some in this post but I will upload some more in the future.

12 thoughts on “White Swan With Fledglings

  1. Adorable! These swan’s babies are so cute! You captured a very unique moment! Thank you for sharing it with us, Dennis!

    1. They are,… it took me a while to notice the babies when I walked past the swan, but then I noticed them and was fascinated and shot the photos. The area there is so full of birds, it’s a great place for animal and nature photos 🙂

    1. I will go to this nature reserve again, there it is much easier to find all kind of birds and taking photos of them. I hope I will find the eagles next time, but there are 200 other bird species and I’d be happy with all bird photos 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures of the swan and her cygnets. Australian swans are black as I’m sure you know but they are just as protective of their babies and will hiss and try to chase you off if they think you are a threat.

    1. Interesting,… nope, that is something I didn’t know 🙂 I will check this out on Wikipedia to see how they look like 🙂

      Yes, exactly… like our swans… they can really appear dangerous, they look much bigger if the wings are spread out. There were cases of people being attacked by swans (with injuries), it happens. They are very protective and not afraid, but it’s said it only happens if you enter the territory and when there are cygnets… then it could happen.

      1. That’s what I have noticed. If they have cygnets they are very protective and will chase people away but the rest of the time they don’t usually get agressive. I can’t be sure but I think our black swans may be a little smaller than the white ones.

      2. I do think too that this is the only case where they act aggressive, not sure. I saw black swan photos yesterday, very beautiful! I had to research about the size as I was curious now too…

        I think you are right with that, but there is not a too big difference according to a site I found…

        The mute swan can have a length of 125-155 cm (50-61in). and the black swan a length of 115-140 cm (45-55in). Still a 15 cm difference though, if the numbers are true. Found this here: http://www.theswansanctuary.org.uk/swan_species.php

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