Bicolored Garden Cat

Here is another photo that I shot a while ago. I found this one in the garden areas too. I saw it on a roof and I immediately shot a photo. I don’t like the framing but I didn’t have enough time to get it right. But it’s a decent close-up snapshot. The cat could be a well-fed stray cat as this isn’t uncommon in our garden areas. As I often said, people feed them, which is good. Continue reading Bicolored Garden Cat

Black Cat on the Roof

In the last three days, the weather was pretty good and I was outside a lot. In three days, I hiked 46 kilometers (28.6 miles) and I had my camera with me and shot a few photos. As usual, I also took photos of cats but I didn’t find a lot. One day I was walking through the garden areas again and saw a cat on the roof of a garden shack. I was already pretty close to the cat but it was good that I had my Tamron 70-300mm lens attached. So, I zoomed to 300mm and shot the … Continue reading Black Cat on the Roof

Black And White Outdoor Cat

Here is another photo I shot today. I saw this cat in an overgrown garden plot. I pressed the shutter button right away and this was good because a second later it disappeared with an impressive jump into the undergrowth. So, yeah, I was pretty lucky to get this shot. I looked through all the cat photos on my blog to find out if I photographed this particular cat already in the past but it seems I didn’t. Continue reading Black And White Outdoor Cat