Grumpy Black Kitty

Ok, I know, a lot of black cat photo uploads lately. But you haven’t seen this grumpy black cat yet! I shot the photo at the end of January this year when I walked through the garden areas to find out if there are still cats roaming around. I shot the photo near the place where I found a whole black kitty gang last September. So, I wondered if it might be one of them. If that is the case, the cat got enough food because it looks well-fed. But I’ve learned that some of the garden tenants actually help … Continue reading Grumpy Black Kitty

Black Cat in the Garden

As I said in my previous post, I didn’t have much luck today with close-up photos of cats. But I at least got a close-up photo of the black cat you see in the photo at the top. Not too bad considering that it was a dark winter day. There are already many photos of black cats on my blog as they’re pretty common here. I also often see tabby cats and tuxedo cats. But I am always happy if I get take new photos for my cats category. Continue reading Black Cat in the Garden

Another Black Cat

I know, I showed you already a black cat recently but I thought I upload this photo here too. I shot the photo in 2017 and the colors of the original are dull, which is why I converted the image to black and white. The small branches in front of the cat’s face are annoying too but you can’t always get it right. I also wouldn’t like to delete the photo, it’s still ok. Continue reading Another Black Cat

Alert Black Cat

Here is a photo I shot last October. I shot quite a lot of cat photos last year and I might continue this year. I actually roamed through the garden areas two weeks ago and found some cats again but it rained before I went outside and that might have been the reason why I didn’t find many cats this time. I plan to go there again over the next weeks. It’s just a bit more difficult now as the sun still sets too early. Talking about the cat photo at the top, it seems like the cat was surprised … Continue reading Alert Black Cat

Shocked Black Cat

Here is another bad cat photo that I tried to rescue with a few edits and conversion to black and white. The image had so many issues that I won’t mention them. Now in black and white, it’s no perfect photo either but it’s a lot better than before. What I still like about the image is the facial expression of the cat. It seems the cat was a bit shocked when I came along to take a photo. Continue reading Shocked Black Cat