Another Black Cat

black cat

I know, I showed you already a black cat recently but I thought I upload this photo here too. I shot the photo in 2017 and the colors of the original are dull, which is why I converted the image to black and white. The small branches in front of the cat’s face are annoying too but you can’t always get it right. I also wouldn’t like to delete the photo, it’s still ok.

4 thoughts on “Another Black Cat

  1. 🙂 Wow! There are lots of black cats in Germany. That one is giving you an angry look and probably thinking, “Hey don’t photograph me. You told me, ‘Get lost,’ the last time I tried to sneak in to look for Syhna.”

    1. Yes, that’s actually true. I noticed it in my photo library. I could upload many photos of black cats over weeks. I found so many of them. They’re the most common cats here but tabby cats can be found easily too. I’d like to find some more orange cats but it seems impossible. Only uploaded a few in the past, but not often. 🙂 Maybe soon in spring or summer.

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