Chili Pepper Salad

chili pepper salad

Here is a photo that I shot when my mother prepared chili pepper salad. Someone from Tunisia inspired my mother to cook it as well and since then we’re enjoying the dish once in a while. It’s not for weak people because the salad contains quite a lot of chili peppers. Apart from that, sliced paprikas, tomatoes, garlic, and onions are used too.

It all goes into the pan where it is gently roasted and spiced with salt and pepper. When it’s finished, my mother puts it in a salad chopper. After that, it goes into a bowl with a bit of olive oil and there you let it cool off.

The result is a grainy spread and you can basically put it on bread or buns and it’s incredibly delicious and very spicy depending on how good the used chili peppers are. If you don’t like bread, you can also put it onto a lettuce leaf and make a roll. If you do that, it’s extra delicious if you drip it with a freshly cut citrus lemon.

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