Hidden Black Cat

It’s not always easy to find outdoor cats and take photos of them. Some cats can be easily overlooked. The garden area I frequent, offer a lot of hiding places for the cats. As I mentioned a few times, there are also abandoned and completely overgrown garden plots. These plots are perfect hiding places. I don’t know how I spotted the cat in the photo above but I try my best to scan everything on my way with my eyes. The cat wasn’t afraid and felt very secure in the thicket. There were two fences between us and I tried … Continue reading Hidden Black Cat

Black Cat

Today I when I took the photo of the black cat you see up there, I didn’t think much about it. But at home I started to wonder if it’s the same cat that I photographed five days ago. Honestly, I believe they’re different cats. I took the photos like 5 kilometers apart, which doesn’t tell us anything as they probably roam around a lot but I still think they look different. What do you say? Is it the same cat or a different cat? Continue reading Black Cat