Monochrome Bridge

I saw this freeway bridge when I walked near the Trave River. Something was interesting about this bridge, I liked discolorations on the metal, the rust and the moisture on the material. I took quite a lot of photos from the distance and then close-up shots like the image above. I had no idea how I would take photos when I was almost under the bridge but I did try to play with perspectives and thought I could decide at home. The photo above had the most interesting perspective in my opinion. I have now much more details in the … Continue reading Monochrome Bridge

Giveaway of Bridge Project for Steam, a pretty fun game…

I give away one copy of the game Bridge Project on Steam as I own the game already and as I bought a Humble Bundle several times for friends but they never wanted to activate Bridge Project on Steam. I recently started to give away games that I already own and wrote an article about the possibilities you have if you want to give away or win Steam games, in case you never heard about it. So, you can enter my giveaway of Bridge Project here on Steamgifts if you want to take your chance. The winner will get the … Continue reading Giveaway of Bridge Project for Steam, a pretty fun game…

Just One of Many Bridges In Lübeck

Above you can see one of many bridges of Lübeck and the Trave River that I mentioned quite often here on my blog. The image was pretty overexposed and I fixed this at least a little bit. I removed a lot of highlights but it didn´t make me happy so that I decided to add a black and white gradient map to get a slightly monochrome image. If nothing goes when we talk about overexposure, it´s sometimes a good idea to change the image to black and white. The overexposed areas are then less noticeable in my opinion or at … Continue reading Just One of Many Bridges In Lübeck

Cloudy Day in Lübeck and the Trave River

I had a lot of things to do yesterday. I had to visit some authorities and also my lawyer. I like to do all that by foot. Really, I do like to walk even very long distances. It´s not only healthy and sporty but it also gives me the possibility to take new photos. I then walked over a bridge and took the photo above. It was a cloudy day and it was slightly rainy. The river on the photo is the Trave River in Lübeck. You can see that autumn will start soon. The mood of the weather shows … Continue reading Cloudy Day in Lübeck and the Trave River