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Giveaway of Bridge Project for Steam, a pretty fun game…

Bridge Project Screenshot

I give away one copy of the game Bridge Project on Steam as I own the game already and as I bought a Humble Bundle several times for friends but they never wanted to activate Bridge Project on Steam. I recently started to give away games that I already own and wrote an article about the possibilities you have if you want to give away or win Steam games, in case you never heard about it.

So, you can enter my giveaway of Bridge Project here on Steamgifts if you want to take your chance. The winner will get the Humble Bundle activation link via Steam chat. I will add the winner on Steam, which means you must be aware that you need a Steam account, that you probably have anyway as a gamer.

Bridge Project is a pretty fun game. Your task is to create bridges that can withstand the own weight and the weight of cars, busses and a tank for example. There are several missions that you can complete and in each mission you have to start in another area and the bridge projects become more and more difficult. I really liked to play the game as you need to think out a working structure so that the bridge does not fall in pieces. It´s all about statics and this is really a pretty fun game for the meantime!

With the following small image you can find out how many entries are already signed into the giveaway and how much time is left until a winner is picked randomly by the website. You can also click on the image to find my giveaway of Bridge Project…

Good luck, in case you sign into the giveaway.

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