Old Cat Snapshot

Ok, I thought I do upload another one of my cat. I just found this snapshot minutes ago in my photo library. I shot the photo in 2015 when my cat was lying on the ground in my living room. She did take a sunbath when I had the curtains slightly opened and a little bit of afternoon sun shined into the living room. And yeah, I know, it’s messy to have a guitar lying on the ground too, but I didn’t have a guitar stand at that time (lol). I hope you like this snapshot. But it was a … Continue reading Old Cat Snapshot

My Cat and Talking About Fears

I uploaded so many other cat photos but I sometimes also want to upload photos of my cat Shyna. You will find one at the bottom. But before that, I also want to use the post to talk about something I heard on the weekend. A friend didn’t answer my WhatsApp messages last week and on the weekend I got a reply that looked like “Sorry that I didn’t reply, I had to put my cat to sleep and this made me feel horrible”. That was sad and I told him that I understand and asked him if he wants … Continue reading My Cat and Talking About Fears

Another Picture of my Cat

Here is just another photo of my cat Shyna. I also use my blog to store photos but with smaller resolution for faster page loading time. But even if the photos are not high-res, in case all my backups disappear (broken hard drive or whatever), I’d rather have these pictures in small resolution than not having any of them at all. But as I am perfectionist, I do of course have different backups of the high-res versions as well. But still, a blog is a great place too to store the resized versions. Continue reading Another Picture of my Cat

Farmer’s Cat

This photo was shot in May 2016 when I was in Reinfeld. I saw this cat on a farm, which is why I thought it belonged to a farmer. I guess you will agree with me when I say the cat looks battle-scarred. It’s a dirty cat and it has open wounds. Maybe it got into fights with other cats or animals like foxes. Maybe it got infections too but one thing is sure, it appeared sick-looking. Continue reading Farmer’s Cat